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Our culture and the culture of our products and services aim to provide our partners with autonomy, efficiency and productivity in a simple, intuitive and personalized way.

Our story

To assume the position of reference in the national market, in the innovation of the processes and inputs used, the direction of Universe is dedicated, for three generations directly involved in the textile sector, in bringing to Brazil what is most revolutionary in the world of the textile universe and now of the latest generation cosmetics and luxury items.

In more than three decades, UNIVERSE has established partnerships with the most important suppliers of raw materials for the lingerie, beachwear and clothing markets in the world, acting as a “trader”, distributor and representative in Brazil of several industries around the world.
Over the years, Universe, through new acquisitions and participations, diversified its activities, inaugurated 3 industries, composing a cohesive group of companies, always aligned with the concepts of quality, originality and vanguard.

Always innovating!

A story full of great success stories.

Discover below some of the important advances that Universe SA has brought to Brazil, whether in the lingerie, beach and fitness segment, or even state-of-the-art cosmetics:

Partnership and affordable technology for your business!

Tailored technological services and solutions!

UNIVERSE SA offers its customers a Technological Center created in 2004, in Barra Funda, in São Paulo, where it makes available its modern equipment, know-how and state-of-the-art raw materials, capable of offering differentiated, personalized and cost-effective solutions. .

At Fashion Week 2004, designed by the stylist Jum Nakao, the collection presented and the most commented on and revered by the press was developed at Universe’s Technological Center, thanks to cutting-edge technologies for delicate and precise cuts, which resulted in true masterpieces in stylist’s hands.

Labels transferred on the piece itself, with elasticity that follows the fabric and prevents the printing from breaking, ensuring good reading, even after many washes, in addition to ensuring total comfort in use, are some of the advantages that the new Soft Tag™ process brings consumers and the textile industry.

The launch of UNIVERSE SA, with a tradition of offering innovative solutions, especially for the lingerie segment, precursor of the seamless process, also allows for the application of the label six times faster than the conventional process on the production line.

The fact is that, whether due to friction with the body, due to aesthetic criteria or the number of washes and breakage of the print, which compromises good reading, labels, in conventional processes, are easily removed from the pieces.

There are countless possibilities offered by the resources of the Universe Group.

At Centro Tecnológico Universe, the customer brings the need and we develop the solution. For this, the center brings together a first-rate team and the most modern equipment in the world of Italian, English, American, Spanish and Brazilian origin, all at the service of national creativity, serving not only the fashion universe, but also other segments, example of the decoration, packaging and footwear sectors.


The best in the world for your company!

Universe SA acts as a representative of some of the biggest and best
textile companies worldwide for over 35 years. meet
some of our represented below:


O melhor mundo para sua empresa!

A Universe SA atua como representante das maiores e melhores empresas do ramo têxtil, há mais de 35 anos. Conheça algumas de nossas representações abaixo. 

India - Embroidery


Founded in 1991, Pioneer Embroideries Limited has grown into India’s largest embroidery manufacturer and exporter. The company specializes in Torchon/Bobbin and Raschel yarns, as well as other sewing accessories. It also owns the “Hakoba” embroidery brand, a leader in local retail. It currently has customers in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Austria - Plastic Accessories


Located in Ebenfurth, Austria, Fildan, managed by Gerhard Fildan, is a specialist in thermoplastic processing. The company produces plastic parts for the lingerie, clothing and bathing industries, sporting goods, children’s clothing, uniforms, leisure items, electronic components, among others. Its accessories are certified according to ISO 9001:2000.

Spain – Hook & Eyes


Imarfe is the most modern factory for seamless hooks in the world. Owner of the Nextape, the only bracket on the market without any type of seam, which eliminates the concern with the color difference on the back of the piece. The company also produces the Fi Band strap, with a 50% reduction in thickness, ideal for avoiding marks on clothes, thanks to the flat surface regulator, capable of saving up to 2 cm of elastic for each Fi Band strap. Imarfe also offers the Bias produced with an exclusive ultrasound system, more softness, comfort and resistance, and the Snap Tape, a pressure closure for “Body” and for “PushUp” removable.

Colombia - Laces


Established in Bogotá, Encajes has been dedicated since 1978 to the production of the most varied yarns with excellence in strength and flexibility. Encajes exports its products to more than 50 countries on five continents. The company controls all stages, from project planning, production to product delivery.

USA - Thermo-adhesive Films (Seamless Project)


One of the three largest thermoplastic adhesives, coatings, tapes and films in the world, Bemis offers effective and cost-effective solutions to frequently encountered technical industrial process challenges.

Bemis is responsible for the production of SewFree, a soft and elastic film created to make the process 100% seamless, eliminating seams, improving shape, fit and precision in any cut and proving that its application can be used to advantage for the production of various pieces of clothing.

Another high-end product from Bemis is the Soft Tag Film, soft tags, available in various sizes, with unbeatable elasticity. It can be stretched and washed without any damage to the label printing. White or pre-printed film can be used by factories efficiently and fight waste. Its property is ecologically correct and has great durability.

Belgium - Special Fabrics


Founded by Marcel Liebaert in 1887, Liebaert has been playing a leading role in the development of textile techniques, working for the health sectors (developing fabrics for orthopedic purposes, among others), sportwear and the development of special fabrics for the most diverse industrial applications.

Hong Kong – Metallic Accessories

Based in Hong Kong, Sureta Inetrnational Ltd is a company specialized in producing various components for the underwear, lingerie and swimwear sector. In 12 years, Sureta has become one of the largest suppliers of metal and plastic accessories in the global underwear market.

Taiwan - Pre-Mold Cups

Pioneer company in the design, creation and production of pre-molded cups for Lingerie and Beach. More than 20 years of experience in this sector place Worldwide in a privileged position in the international market.

Today we supply to the entire European continent, USA, South America and certainly to the Asian continent.

Through constant investment in research, the company always surprises the market at the international fairs it participates in.

We act as a logistics operator with
experience in developing solutions
integrated and personalized.

We offer a warehouse certified by ANVISA, with a complete structure for the storage of different types of products, combined with the expertise of specialized professionals to understand and meet all the needs of your demand, with commitment and technology to make your company increasingly competitive in the Brazilian market.

In 2015 Universe Group brings to Brazil the disruptive and international Swedish brand of Skin Care, FOREO and with the success of this product, created, in 2021, its Cosmetics and Luxury Items division, through Under Logistics.

In 2022, Under Logistics continues to act as a partner of the Foreo brand in Brazil; is responsible for the E Commerce logistics operation of Classy Brands Group and launches the innovative Swiss beauty brand Réduit exclusively in Brazil.

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